Case study:

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Case study: . A basic scan revealed financial savings of 76 thousand euro per year and 313 tons of CO2 per year at SumiRiko AVS Czech

7. 7 .2021, Cyrkl

The Japanese company SumiRiko is engaged in the production of rubber products, which it supplies to many world car manufacturers, such as VW, AUDI, ŠKODA, BMW, MERCEDES - BENZ and others.

As they say at SumiRiko, the heart of the company is the press, which is the company's largest source of know-how. The press consists of 45 injection molding machines for rubber and 6 injection molding machines for plastic. Assembly lines are also part of the production.

"We got to Cyrlk on the basis of the recommendation of our external company Bureau Veritas, which recommended us especially free webinars in the field of waste. After the participation, Mr. Vojtěch Pilnáček approached us with an offer to organize a teleconference, during which he introduced us to the Cyrkl company and offered to process a basic or complete scan. We decided to have the basic scan processed in combination with access to the digital waste marketplace."

Markéta Malinová, SumiRiko

Waste experts have found the greatest potential in metals and mixed waste

The most significant waste streams are metals, which also hide the greatest potential for savings due to a possible change of customer, reclassification of the collected metals and control of their weight. To speak in numbers, SumiRiko can save 26 thousands euro here.

Another important area is mixed municipal waste. In this case, it will be an ideal solution for saving the verification of the weight of the waste produced and improving better sorting and prevention of waste generation. By combining the above, SumiRiko will achieve savings of 24 thousand euro. There is also an optimization of paper, plastic, wood or blasting material handling.

Subsequently, the company focused mainly on waste rubber, especially unvulcanized synthetic rubber, which has so far ended up in a landfill and has not been able to find a customer who would further process it. Thanks to the digital waste market, SumiRiko has teamed up with a customer from Poland, who uses rubber to produce components for agricultural machinery. They thus saved the company not only by not paying the waste company for landfilling, but also by the Polish customer buying the rubber.

"There were also interesting opportunities in the area of waste plastic material and cardboard boxes. Thanks to the digital marketplace, companies contacted us, but unfortunately demanded a larger quantity. This motivated us to reconsider the use of this waste, some of which we now use internally, such as cardboard boxes for special shipments between sister plants or plastic bags for production needs or for the needs of a cleaning company."

Markéta Malinová, SumiRiko

CO2 savings prove the company's responsibility to the environment

Circular waste scans also include the calculation of potentially saved tons of CO2. In the case of SumiRiko, it was 313.7 tons of CO2. What can you imagine under this issue? For example, more than 340 million smartphone charges or annual electricity consumption for 517 single-family homes.

The company now faces great challenges. It will focus on the high amount of hazardous and municipal waste generated. It is precisely this detailed information that can be used directly for the company. At the same time, it would appreciate not only the calculation of CO2 savings, but also the amount of CO2 before and after the implementation of the proposed measures.

Evaluation of SumiRiko company:

"The scan brought us the expected results and shifted our waste management to greater use of the generated waste. He showed us the possibilities that are currently on the waste market. At the same time, it offers concrete examples of how to prevent waste."

Markéta Malinová, SumiRiko

Evaluation of Cyrkl company:

"Sumiriko had Infosken made for free by Cyrkl. Based on it, we jointly identified the main needs for improvement and then agreed to perform a basic scan. The priority area was especially waste rubber, which was largely landfilled. Through market analysis, we found a number of recyclers who would like to take rubber for prices around 0 euro for recycling. The scan also revealed a number of other potentials in metals, plastics, paper, solvents.

The basic scan took place remotely by filling out a questionnaire, making phone calls and sending photos. In about a week, everything was ready. It was a pleasure to work with SumiRiko. Thanks to good cooperation, we are able to discover interesting potentials in waste, but above all, to actually realize them!"

Vojtěch Pilnáček, Cyrkl

High potential savings in both finances and emission pollution were found in all the companies with which Cyrkl collaborated on the scans. The first step for fulfilling the principles of circular waste management is the free Infosken, for which the company only needs a few minutes and reports for ISPOP. It's simple and a team of waste management experts will find the savings in every production.

‐ Cyrkl