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Drawing on the experience and knowledge we have gained over the course of more than 100 years, we continuously come up with new elastomer formulations to meet the complex needs of our customers. Even if the performance of synthetic polymers has grown in recent years, natural rubber often remains the material of choice to meet the very highest requirements regarding vibration damping and durability.

The systematic further development of existing materials plays a key role in our research work. Better compositions facilitate the miniaturisation of components and create direct weight reductions, improvements that can be seen in the replacement of metal with high-strength plastics. With our broad, in-depth know-how, we can select the appropriate material according to functional requirements and the area of use. We can also modify it if necessary, e.g. to ensure the necessary durability and functionality under extreme environmental conditions. The way in which the polymeric material is attached to metals or plastics during the production process plays an equally important role. After all, this is an essential factor if a component is to be robust and function reliably.

The extent to which vibration and noise is reduced has a significant effect on vehicle comfort, no matter the type and size of vehicle. With its innovative system solutions, Anvis makes a key contribution towards a vehicle's subjective driving characteristics.

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