Silence. The most natural type of comfort.

SumiRiko AVS Czech. Sumitomo Riko Group

Experience, expertise and ideas under one roof.
Millions of people experience mobility each day. As global technology leaders, we create innovative, vibration control solutions to make these movements more comfortable and safe. We combine the strengths of strong partners, technology and development expertise, experience and innovativeness in a global centre of excellence for automotive vibration control technology – the HOUSE OF AUTOMOTIVE COMFORT.

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More information about Sumitomo Riko Group:

  • Foundation of Antivibrationstechnik s.r.o. in 1995
  • Formerly part of the WOCO Group
  • Till 2005 mainly production of rubber sealing, tubes etc. for washing maschines
  • During 2005 – 2006 complete change for automotive parts
  • September 2007 became part of Anvis Group, shareholder Arques & Hahn GmbH
  • Februar 2008 new company name Anvis AVT s.r.o.
  • December 2010 shareholder change – Hahn GmbH
  • 2013 Member of TRI Group
  • 2014 Member of Sumitomo Riko Group
  • 2017 SumiRiko AVS Czech s.r.o.
SumiRiko AVS Czech